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Guillaume Hazaël-Massieux graduated from École des Arts Culinaires et de l'hotellerie in Lyon, France; which is now known as L'Institut Paul Bocuse, for the celebrity chef and French food icon who presides over the university. Guillaume was born in Paris, France. He lived there for the early part of his childhood before the family relocated to Guadeloupe, an island in the West Indies. Guillaume moved back to France for boarding school and university.

Guillaume brings the discipline and rigor of his French training to the La Bécasse kitchen. His food is influenced by his experiences in the West Indies, as well as his mother's renditions of the country foods typical of her childhood home in the east of France. Guillaume sought professional opportunities in Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, and of course, Paris. He came to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1996 to participate in an internship program at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. From there he worked as a corporate dining chef at Steelcase, and then as the executive chef at Restaurant Toulouse in Saugatuck. Yes, Guillaume loves Burdickville!

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